Alpaca Farms Ireland

Farm Visits

Alpaca farms in Ireland

There are a number of Alpaca Association of Ireland (AAI) member alpaca farms available to visit where you can meet the alpacas or bring them for a walk and so on.

These alpaca farm visits are only by appointment.

There may be a charge, or contribution, associated with the visit, so please check at the time of making your appointment. Exact locations can be found by clicking on the map on our homepage

  • Moonhall Alpacas, Kilkenny
  • Knockvicar Alpcas, Roscommon 
  • Curraghduff Farm, Galway      
  • Hummingbird Farm Alpacas, Kilkenny 
  • Hayfield Alpacas, Sligo
  • The Flying Alpaca, Clare
  • Alpacas Of Oakwood, Meath                 
  • Glaslough Alpacas, Monaghan             
  • Gáinne Mór Alpacas, Donegal             
  • Whitehorn Alpacas, Kilkenny           
  • Glenbrook Alpacas, Roscommon         
  • Mourne Alpacas, Down   
  • K2 Alpacas, Wicklow
  • Hiltop Farm Alpacas Offaly
  • Alpaca Lodge Wexford