Alpaca Association


The official  Alpaca Association of Ireland was founded in 2003. It helps to grow the industry in Ireland.  As an association, we aim  to bring together owners, breeders, lovers and veterinary specialists thus creating a vibrant national alpaca industry in Ireland.


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What does the association do?

Firstly, we encourage the development of all aspects of the alpaca. These include items  such as genetic improvement, fibre production and end products including yarn, garments and household goods.

Secondly, we increase knowledge through shows, farm open days, training courses and workshops.

alpaca association of Ireland vet course
Sarah Caldwell (Vet) at one of our vet workshops


Thirdly, the Alpaca Association of Ireland maintains a registry of the alpacas in Ireland owned by AAI members.  In this way, we  create an international Breed Standard. It is used to evaluate the quality of animals bred and bought by members to promote  high quality breeding stock


Finally, Members of the Alpaca Association of Ireland encourage farm visits for families, individuals and, of course, schools. Please ask for your nearest member’s open days, or contact a committee member to suggest options. You will find a list of farms and studs here

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